Customize Your Own Shoes Online

In order to customize your own shoes you will have to decide what manufacturer of shoes you want to order your shoes from; there are many options and shopping around makes you aware of the styles and options that you have before you. You will want to order your shoes from a company that is well known for making quality shoes. When you decide to customize your own shoes, you want shoes that are going to last you a while before you eventually have to replace them.

Give consideration to the patterns and colors you desire when you are thinking about getting customized shoes. You may be able to determine the color of the back of the shoes, the side of the shoes, the tongue, the holes, and the laces. You might want to theme the shoes based on your hobbies or your personal color preferences.

Once you have an idea about how you want your shoes to look, check out sites online that allow you to customize your own shoes. See what features you are allowed to customize, and use any tools that the site offers that allows you to visualize your customizations. You can then begin to tweak your shoe design so that it meets your personal tastes in every way.

As you customize your own shoes online, make sure you are choosing the right shoe model and size for your needs. You can use website features to do this with ease, but you don't want to make the mistake of ordering the wrong style or the incorrect size. After you have finished with the customization process, you can give the manufacturer your mailing address and billing information. Your customized shoes will then be sent to you upon completion.

The most common types of shoes you can customize online are sneakers. You are provided with an interactive area where you can choose the color, style, and design of the shoes you want to customize. You are often given pre-designs that you can choose from or you can start with a blank page and design the shoes from scratch. You are given the unique opportunity to express who you are when you customize shoes. There are customize shoe options for men, women, and children. If you are seeking a unique gift for someone you can create shoe designs with the person's favorite styles and colors. Sometimes you can even have special decals applied to the shoes you customize so that they are entirely one of a kind offerings.

Where to Order Customize Your Own Shoes Online

NikeiD ®

NikeID ® is a site where you can customize your own shoes online. The site sells custom Nikes all over the world. The site is multilingual so that it is easy to use for everyone. You can customize the size and the color of the Nike shoes on offer. You can choose from designs already created, and you can get a full 360 degree view of the shoes that you customize. You can choose the color of the shoe laces, the color of the upper portion of the shoe, the fabric that the shoe is made of, the color of the Nike ® symbol on the side of the shoe, and more. For full details visit http://nikeid.nike.com/nikeid/index.jsp.

Converse ®

Converse ® also allows you to customize your own shoes online. You can design your own Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers, Jack Purcell shoes, RED Converse ® , Skate ® shoes, or Sport Authentic shoes. After you customize your own shoes they will be delivered to you in three to four weeks time. You can customize shoes for men, children, and women. You can choose high top, low top, X hi, and slip on sneaker offerings. You can then choose the sneakers you want to customize. Features you can design when you customize your own shoes include the shoe laces, the size, and the outside outerbody of the shoe, the outside inner body, the outer lining of the tongue, the stitchwork, and the inner stitch. You can even customize the rubber sidewall of the shoe and the rubber toe bumper. For more details visit http://www.converse.com/#/products/shoes/converseone.

More Sites to Customize Your Own Shoes Online

Vans ®

Vans is another company allowing you to customize shoes. You can choose from their Era, Slip On, 106, or Old Skool designs. You can choose the gender and the size, and you can choose from premade designs or a blank design to start with as you customize shoes. You can see a side view, a top view, and a back view of the shoes you design. You can design the quarter, the side stripe, the heel counter, the toe cap, the eyerow, the tongue, the tongue binding, the foxing, the foxing stripe, the lacing, and the collar lining. For more details visit http://shop.vans.com/catalog/Vans/en_US/category/custom-shoes.html.


At ShoesUSA.com you can also customize shoes. You can choose the model shoe you desire, the bottom style of the shoe you desire, the color, the size, the material type, the heel color, the stud color, the width, the insole type, the sock lining color, and more. This site sells an array of different shoes too. You can get shoes with one to six inch heels, and they sell platform shoes, wedges, large shoes, high heels, bridal shoes, and low heels. They even sell boots. You can shop by size, style or price. For more details visit http://www.shoesusa.com.

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